Fluxare Made it to the Top 100 in the NorCal Recruiting Challenge

He was then teamed with Sweaty Steve, who also made the cut, to create a video. They created a great one called “The Clock of Life – Motivation for all Creators/Influencers”. At the end of the Video they added the Tag line: “#Fluxing- It’s like flexing, but it’s not.”

Fluxare and Sweaty Steve made the cut to the top 50 in large part to the power of their video.

Sadly, 16 year old Fluxare passed away from stage 4 bone cancer before the next cut to the top 25. In his short time here Fluxare was building a commitment to reducing the levels of hate, anger and unnecessary ego in the online gaming community. He encouraged, complimented and inspired by always being positive and helpful even when someone might be coming at him with less than kind comments. You know the type of comments, we all do. So we are reaching out to you, with a challenge that has a reward. Every month we will award $100 to the submitted video that best captures the concept that meant so much to Fluxare: A cooler, kinder community.

Help us define what that means:
  • Not meeting hate with hate.
  • Not meeting ignorance with ignorance.
  • Inspiring – being yourself, embrace yourself and others
Make a video that captures what #Fluxing means to you. Inspire us to give you the #Fluxing prize.